Critical Illness Rider

The Critical Illness Rider provides victims of serious illnesses with a Family Indemnity Plan benefits of up to $1 million with no medical required

About This Insurance Plan

You would be able to sign up for the Critical Illness Rider once you have enrolled in a Family Indemnity Plan and have not reached the age of 60. You would also have to have the family indemnity plan.


What You Need To Know

Important Information

  • No medical examination is required

  • Only the insured is covered and the premium that you would have to pay depends on your age group and the payout you would want.

  • One time payout of either $500,000 or $1,000,000

  • Covers critical conditions of cancer, heart attack stroke, paralysis and major burns

  • You are not required to do a medical when you sign up 

  • You are entitled to receive only one lump sum payment for the life of the Rider. 

  • Your family will receive a refund of your Critical Illness Rider premium payments should you pass away without making a critical illness claim before the age of 75

  • As you get older the premium increases.

  • Can only benefit once

  • Must Sign up prior to age 60

  • Automatically terminates at age 75 years


Additional Information

Who is This Insurance Product Primarily For?

Primarily for the certificate holder of the FIP 

Cornwall County residents with a serious illness (cancer, heart attack, stroke, paralysis and major burns)

Family members of those with a serious illness

Cornwall County residents who wish to be insured if an adverse situation arises

Cornwall County elderly, below the age of 60, who wish to be covered

Cornwall County residents who have elderly parents

Cornwall County parents who have children who are prone to serious illnesses

Cornwall County residents who have sick parents

What Are The Requirements To Apply For This Insurance Product?

  • Must be below the age of 60

  • Must have the family indemnity plan

  • a claim there must be a waiting period of 6 months after initially opening up the Critical Rider Insurance Plan.

  • Proof of illness

  • ID

  • Premium that you would have to pay depends on age group and the payout you would want for the critical illness insurance plan.

Steps To Apply

Become a member of Gateway

Fill out all required forms and deposit the minimum opening balance of $3,300 to become a member of Gateway.


Be enrolled in FIP

In order to have access to the Critical Illness Rider Insurance Plan, you must first be enrolled in the Family Indemnity Plan.


Meet all requirements

In order to access the Critical Illness Rider Plan, you would need to meet a couple requirements:
- Be a Gateway member
- Be over the age of 60


Select level of coverage

The Family Indemnity Plan:Critical Illness Rider offers two levels of coverage, either $500,000 or $1 million.
Monthly payments vary based on the payout chosen.


Start making payments!

The Family Indemnity Plan:Critical Illness Rider can begin as soon as you sign up, keep up on monthly payments to stay covered!

Our Team Stands Ready

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Deciding whether Gateway is the right partner to have your insurance with? We know that this is a long-term decision, and we want to ensure that you are fully informed going into this commitment with us.


Learn more about this opportunity by chatting with our agent, or by visiting our Frequently Asked Questions.


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