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The Gatekeepers

Our Senior Leadership Team

Our Senior Leadership
Ornell Bedasse
Chief Executive Officer

Mr. Ornell Bedasse


Mr. Ornell Bedasse is the CEO of Gateway Co-operative Credit Union, and is a man with Gateway's vision at heart. He is goal-oriented, and aims to ensure that members are satisfied by valuing his team at Gateway. He knows that as CEO, his position is to serve his team and his members, and to always put people first when trying to develop a successful company.

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Conroy Ward
General Manager Retail Operation

Mr. Conroy Ward


Conroy Ward is the General Manager Retail Operation and has been with the company since October 2022. He has over 30 years of experience in the financial sector and has held chairmanship in various educational institutions and parish associations across Jamaica.

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Rhamona Mohan-Samuels
Branch Manager-Church Street

Mrs. Rhamona Mohan-Samuels


Mrs. Mohan-Samuels is a courteous, spontaneous personality who makes it her mission to provide her members with the excellent customer service they desire. As Branch Manager of the Montego Bay branch of Gateway Co-operative Credit Union, she pushes her entire team to aim for better performance overall, reminding them that they are part of a family that works together to achieve the common goal of satisfying members. She is a firm Christian who uses her foundation to provide mediation of issues at work, and values discipline and punctuality.

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Nicole Haughton-Johnson
Marketing and Communications Manager

Mrs. Nicole Haughton-Johnson


Mrs. Nicole Haughton-Johnson can be described as the go-to person for Gateway's critical partnerships. From liasing with media houses and external goods/service providers to internal coaching and member relations, Nicole is focused on assisting members to meet their financial goals. A past student of Rusea's High School, she is both knowledgeable and goal-driven in her day to day work, always ensuring that she keeps a positive attitude.

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Tashica Evans-Watson
Finance Manager

Mrs. Tashica Evans-Watson


Tasked with ensuring Gateway’s financial viability operationally, Mrs Evans-Watson takes an eagle-eyed approach to protect the credit union’s assets and capital base. Having worked with the Accounting firm Deloitte & Touche for more than a decade; Mrs Watson has garnered a wealth of accounting knowledge that provides the platform for her to manage this critical task. She is a family-oriented, fun-loving person, who loves to laugh, enjoys reading, and is also an active member of her church. She is goal-oriented and believes in member satisfaction above all else.

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Danovan Reid
Credit Manager

Mr. Danovan Reid


Mr. Danovan Reid is Gateway's forward thinking Credit Manager. His role at Gateway brings in a mixed bag of both exciting days and stressful days, but all of which lead him to learn new skills that allow him to better grow in his position of knowing his members' needs and how to serve them in the best way possible. He believes in the importance of hard work, humility and patience and values his family and spending time doing what he loves.

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Cindy Brown
Internal Auditor

Ms. Cindy Brown


Ms. Cindy Brown is the dedicated & diligent Internal Auditor of Gateway Co-operative Credit Union who makes it her personal mission to ensure that Gateway has a professional & trustworthy image. She is straightforward and no-nonsense when it comes to her work. She dives deeply into her work on a daily basis to ensure that all financial reporting is in order for the organization. Ms. Brown knows how important it is to maintain healthy relationships and as such, gives importance to raising her son, spending time with her friends and building her personal competency.

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Altamont King
Information Technology Manager

Mr. Altamont King


Mr. Altamont King is the manager of Gateway's technological infrastructure. He has received training in building enterprise software systems from entities located in Silicon Valley. He believes that clarity of vision is critical for persons to achieve their goals, and imbues this mindset on his team at Gateway Credit Union. He is a family man who makes sure to spend time with his children.

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Felecia Spence
Delinquency Manager

Ms. Felecia Spence


Ms. Felecia Spence is a graduate of The University of The West Indies with a Bachelor’s Degree (Hons.) in Management Studies. She has received specialized training in Credit Administration both locally and overseas and received certification in Insurance Underwriting. Felecia has spent the majority of her job tenure with the Credit Union in Credit Administration, Motor Vehicle Insurance Underwriting and Delinquency Management. She is an active member of her Church Executive Faith Baptist Church.

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Sandina Williams
Human Resources Manager

Ms. Sandina Williams


Ms. Sandina Williams is a woman who desires to bring excellence into every area of her life, including that of her home and work. She can be described as a hard working woman with an excellent work standard which she applies to her daily tasks. Her desire to serve is portrayed through her communication with other persons in the teams she interacts with. When she is not in the office, she is either spending time with her family or going to the movies.

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Kadian Kerr-Shaw
Branch Manager - Lucea

Mrs. Kadian Kerr-Shaw


Mrs. Kerr-Shaw has been a team member at Hanover Credit Union and subsequently Gateway Credit Union for over 9 years. In her position as the Lucea Branch Manager, she is tasked with ensuring that her members receive the most personal and efficient service in-branch. She is a hard-working woman with a jovial personality who loves meeting new persons and stepping in between heated situations to bring clarity.

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Ricardo Malcolm
Branch Manager - Fairview

Mr. Ricardo Malcolm


Mr. Ricardo Malcolm is the branch manager for the Fairview branch. He is a professional, courteous team player and motivator. He leverages analytical and assessment skills, emotional intelligence and portfolio management to activities surrounding delivering optimal services to our members.

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Our Board Of Directors

Glenroy Clarke

Rev. Glenroy Clarke JP

Reverend Glenroy Clarke is a Minister of Religion for the Lucea United Church with professional experience as a Mediator, Marriage Officer, Lecturer, Motivational Speaker and Counselor. His core competences encompass Team Leadership and Training, Community Outreach, Conflict and Dispute Resolution, Counseling and Coaching, Operations Management and Social Work.  He has served on over thirty-five Boards some of which he is still a member/ Chairman/ Director.

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Lambert Johnson
Vice President

Mr. Lambert Johnson

Mr. Johnson is an Attorney-at-Law and the founder of Johnson & Company Attorneys-at-Law. He holds a Bachelors of Law Degree (Hons) and a Certificate in Legal Education. He is certified as a Real Estate Salesman /Dealer by the University of Technology. His professional experiences range from Attorney, Director of Platinum Properties Limited, Crown Counsel in the office of the Director of Public Prosecutions and St. James Resident Magistrate’s Court Clerk of the Courts.

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Rodcliffe Aston Robertson

Mr. Rodcliffe Aston Robertson CHRE, CHT, ACI

Mr. Rodcliffe Robertson has served the Credit Union Movement in Jamaica for just under twenty-five years. He served as Director, Assistant Treasurer and President of the former Hanover Co-Op Credit Union Ltd. Mr. Robertson has had an extensive career in Commercial Banking at NCB Jamaica Limited. His training and conference presentation extended to countries such as Cuba, The Bahamas, Barbados, USA, Turks and Cacaos, Mexico and Dominican Republic.

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Cleveland Parker
Assistant Secretary

Mr. Cleveland Parker JP

Cleveland Oliver Parker is an avid, persistent and committed individual, committed to serve. Over the ten years he has been engaged at the Consumer Affairs Commission (CAC), an agency of the Ministry of Industry, Investment & Commerce. Cleveland Parker is driven to serve by the realization that impacting the lives of others is high among the greatest contributions anyone can make to humanity.

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Vincent Rose

Mr. Vincent Rose

Mr. Rose started his professional career as a Senior Accountant both in the public and private sectors and has also contributed to Nonprofit Organizations in various accounting positions varying from Accountant to Financial Controller.  He lectured at various institutions in the field of Accounting and Business. He served as a volunteer member and chairman on various boards including the former Montego Co-operative, he now serves as a Director on the Board of Gateway Co-operative Credit Union (2017) Ltd.

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Synandre Montaque-Dwyer
Assistant Treasurer

Mrs. Synandre Montaque-Dwyer

Mrs. Dwyer is presently the Associate Dean – Workforce Development & Continuing Education at the Montego Bay Community College. She also served in other capacities such as Acting Director of Procurement, Acting Senior Lecturer & Lecturer at this institution. She holds a Master of Business Administration, majoring in Finance at the University of Technology, a Bachelor of Science in Computing and Information Technology (Hons) and a Post Graduate Diploma in Education and Training.

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Paul Mullings

Mr. Paul Mullings

Paul Mullings is an Economist with a specialist degree from the University of the West Indies and advanced IMF training in Balance of Payments Methodology. He started his career as a Senior Economist at the Bank of Jamaica and holds certification as a Networking Professional from The Caribbean Institute of Technology.

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Keita Mendes

Mr. Keita Mendes

Mr. Mendes is a passionate educator and Commonwealth Scholar with over 25-years of experience in Educational Leadership, TVET Training and pedagogy at various levels. Mr. Mendes is currently employed to the HEART NSTA Trust where he has served in various capacities over his 20-year career with the organization. He currently serves as Parish Manager for Hanover.

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Board Of Directors
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