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Celebrating Academic Excellence: Lucea Infant School's Prize-Giving Ceremony

Every year, the nation's young minds dedicate themselves to their education, overcoming challenges and consistently reaching for the stars. It is an honour for us at Gateway to be part of the recognition of their tireless efforts. We believe that every step towards academic excellence should be celebrated, acknowledged, and encouraged. This year, we were proud to have sponsored trophies at the annual Prize Giving Ceremony at the Lucea Infant School, acknowledging the remarkable achievements of Academic Excellence by these young learners.

The Prize Giving Ceremony is a momentous event that recognizes the exceptional academic performance of students. It celebrates their dedication to their studies, the hours of hard work, and the intellectual curiosity that has fueled their academic journey. Gateway's sponsorship of the trophies for this event is our way of showing our commitment to education and our belief in these future leaders.

This year's recipients stood with pride and joy as they received their awards, beaming with the satisfaction of seeing their hard work pay off. It was a delight to witness the looks of accomplishment and gratitude on the faces of these young achievers. Their proud smiles were a testament to their relentless dedication to academics and their pursuit of knowledge.

Among the attendees was Guidance Counselor Kerriann Campbell-Matherson, who has played an integral role in the success of these students. Her tireless dedication to student development, mentorship and emotional support is highly commendable. Her presence at the event served as a strong reminder of the importance of supportive adults in the lives of young learners.

Gateway's involvement in this Prize Giving Ceremony reflects our mission to empower communities and individuals through financial inclusion and support for education. We believe in creating opportunities and encouraging growth. It was a privilege to support and celebrate the young minds that will shape our future. We hope our involvement inspires these students to continue striving for excellence in their academic pursuits and beyond.

Gateway Co-operative Credit Union congratulates all the deserving recipients of these awards and thanks the entire school community for their dedication to fostering a nurturing, educational environment. Here's to many more years of celebrating academic excellence!

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