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Donating a Vital Signs Machine to the Falmouth Hospital

Today marked a significant milestone in healthcare as Falmouth Hospital unveiled its cutting-edge vital signs machine—a great investment of $432,000. This advanced medical device promises to revolutionize patient care and monitoring capabilities, raising the bar for healthcare services in the community. The momentous event brought together esteemed medical professionals, dedicated hospital administrators, and representatives from Gateway Credit Union, underscoring their shared commitment to the well-being of the community.

The handover ceremony was graced by an impressive lineup of medical experts, administrative staff, and representatives from Gateway Credit Union. Among the notable attendees were Dr. Ei Choi, a seasoned medical doctor renowned for their expertise, and Mr. Conroy Ward, the General Manager of Retail Operations at GCCUL (Gateway Credit Union). Mrs. Sebrena Dobson-Dunn, the esteemed Hospital Administrator, and Dr. Kerri-Ann McKenzie, an esteemed Consultant Paediatrician, also participated in the momentous occasion. The presence of Matron Pauline Dawkins-Palmer, the revered Director of Nursing Services, and Nurse Camille Jackson further emphasized the hospital's dedication to excellence.

Handing over the Vital Signs Machine to the Falmouth Hospital
From left to right: Dr. Ei Choi - Medical Doctor, Mr. Conroy Ward - General Manager Retail Operations-GCCUL, Mrs. Sebrena Dobson-Dunn - Hospital Administrator, Dr. Kerri-Ann McKenzie - Consultant Paediatrician, Matron Pauline Dawkins-Palmer - Director of Nursing Services, Mrs. Nicole Haughton Johnson - Marketing & Communications Manager-GCCUL, Nurse Camille Jackson - Nursing

The newly unveiled vital signs machine boasts an array of advanced features designed to provide comprehensive patient monitoring and care. Equipped with state-of-the-art technology, it offers several features such as precise blood pressure measurement, real-time heart rate and respiratory rate monitoring, accurate body temperature assessment, oxygen saturation analysis, and comprehensive electrocardiogram capabilities, positioning Falmouth Hospital at the forefront of patient care.

The unveiling ceremony also allowed the first patients to experience the benefits of this state-of-the-art device. Conroy Ward and Nicole Haughton, both representatives from Gateway Cooperative Credit Union, underwent tests while Mrs. Sebrena Dobson-Dunn, Hospital Administrator, and the medical professionals—Dr. Kerri-Ann McKenzie and Matron Pauline Dawkins-Palmer—observed the device's capabilities with great anticipation.

The introduction of the advanced vital signs machine at Falmouth Hospital represents a transformative leap forward in patient care and monitoring. The remarkable investment of $432,000 by Gateway Cooperative Credit Union underscores their unwavering commitment to enhancing healthcare services in the community. This collaborative endeavour, uniting medical professionals, hospital administrators, and Gateway Credit Union, is poised to have a resoundingly positive impact on healthcare services in the region.

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