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What does a Credit Bureau Know About You?

Before getting a loan, it is useful to know your credit history. What is your credit history? Your credit history is a list of your borrowing and repayment history from financial institutions. These include your loans, lines of credit, or payment of bills. This is compiled into a credit report that can be accessed by your financial institution before giving you a loan. Credit reports are used to assess if you qualify for loans, mortgages, and a variety of other uses. Are you unsure if you qualify for a loan? The best option is to check your credit history by requesting a report.

The bureau used by many Jamaican financial institutions, including Gateway, is CRIF Information Bureau Jamaica. Is this your first time hearing about CRIF? Learn more about the services CRIF provides by watching their infomercial below, and see how it can benefit your financial journey!

You can receive a free annual credit report to check your financial status before coming in to speak to our loan officers! Contact CRIF at or by calling at (876) 906-8680 / 618-1515. This is an important tool to help you reach financial success!

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