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Golden Harvest

Golden Harvest is an interest-bearing savings plan with insurance benefits to a named beneficiary at passing.


About This Savings Plan

This account that can be held by members of Gateway between the ages of 15-65, is an interest bearing savings goal account where you can start saving a minimum of $500 per month and in the event of death, the credit union will pay to the named beneficiary on the account the total savings plus insurance benefits.


What You Need To Know

As Low As


Starting Balance *

Up To

3 - 5%

Interest Rate


Additional Information

Who is This Savings Account For?

Cornwall Youth, above the age of 15, wishing to start a savings account

Cornwall Elderly people, below the age of 65, wishing to save for their loved ones before death

Cornwall parents wishing to start saving for their child/children's future

Cornwall residents wishing to start saving for personal desires (house, car, marriage etc)

"Expecting" Cornwall couples wishing to start saving for their newborn's future

Cornwall newly married couples wishing to start saving for their future

Cornwall residents who wish to learn "the discipline of saving"

Cornwall residents who wish to save for unexpected events, financial or health-wise

Does this savings account have any special maturity date?

The Golden Harvest account can be held for up to 10 years. At the end of this cycle, you can choose to open a new account with your balance.

What are the most important details?

Minimum amount: $500

Maximum amount: $4,000,000

Interest: 3-5%

Interest varies by number of consecutive contributing years:
1-3 Years: 3%
4-5 Years: 3.25%
6-8 Years: 3.75%
9-10 Years: 4%

Steps To Apply

Become a member of Gateway


Ask about the Golden Harvest Plan


Meet all requirements


Speak with your Golden Harvest Service Provider


Start saving!


Our Team Stands Ready

If you're interested in any of our savings plans, we'll pair you with one of our expert customer service representatives, who will work with you to understand how to bring you to the solution you need.


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