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Wire Transfer Information

In order to facilitate online payments to your accounts, Gateway Co-operative Credit Union facilitates wire transfers to allow you to transfer money directly from your bank to your Gateway Co-operative Credit Union accounts. 

This will especially be relevant if you are:

  • Transferring savings to a Gateway Savings Account

  • Making your loan payments online

  • Sending money from abroad to a local account.

The COVID-19 pandemic has changed the circumstances for many of our members, and we're aware that coming into the branch is, in some cases, no longer a reasonable option. Until we have a more robust platform, we encourage you to use this facility to deposit money into your Gateway accounts.

How To Send

Recipient Information

  • Account Name : Gateway Co-operative Credit Union

  • Bank Name: National Commercial Bank Jamaica Ltd.

  • Account Number: 432-302-962

  • Branch: St. James Street

  • Branch Code: 0043

  • Swift Code: JNCBJMKX (for overseas customers)

Please note, when the sender is filling out the remittance form, where it says recipient, Gateway Co-operative Credit Union is to be filled in.

Where it says recipient account number, 432-302-962 should be placed there.

Additional Important Information / Message

The following information must be inputted on the form where it states additional information or message:

  • Member’s Name and Account Number at Gateway Co-operative Credit Union

  • Type of account to which the deposit should be made.

Confirm Transfer

After completing the transaction, the sender should either fax the document received from the bank or financial institution to the accounts department at 876-971-5443 or email the accounts department at

Alternatively, you can upload the confirmation of your transfer using our digital form submission.

Upload Transfer Confirmation

Processing Time

Members are being advised that monies remitted will not be directly credited to their account at Gateway Co-operative Credit Union.


In order for funds to be credited, Gateway Co-operative Credit Union must be in possession of the remittance receipt from the sender, and be able to identify the transaction in our account at National Commercial Bank, which usually takes about three to five working days.

Contact Gateway

If you have any questions, please feel free to reach out to us using out contact form. One of our representatives will respond to you request to help you with the process.

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