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Tertiary and P.E.P Scholarships are now OPEN at Gateway: Apply Now!

Updated: Jun 26, 2023

Applications for multiple Gateway Scholarships are now officially open. Please refer to the attached flyer for more details (printed posters will be available next week for in-office signage).

We would like to inform all interested individuals that both the Herman Johnson and the Bayley Haye Scholarships have no specific restrictions on the course of study.

It is crucial to note the following application deadlines:

  1. PEP Scholarship: The deadline for submitting applications for the PEP Scholarship is July 28. If you or someone you know is a PEP student, be sure to apply before this date to be considered for this opportunity.

  2. University Scholarships: For those aspiring to receive a scholarship for university studies, the deadline is August 31. Make sure to complete and submit your application by this date to be eligible for the tertiary scholarships.

Don't miss out on these fantastic scholarship opportunities. Take advantage of the open applications and submit yours before the respective deadlines. Good luck to all applicants!

Application forms can be found here: Scholarship Application Forms

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