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  • TEACHING CHAMPS: Gateway Co-Operative Credit Union Celebrates Winning Teachers Team

    Last Saturday, the Montego Bay Boys and Girls Club was filled with excitement and energy as the much-anticipated final of the Western Business House Netball Competition took place. Gateway Co-Operative Credit Union, the proud sponsor of the event, was thrilled to witness an exhilarating match that culminated in the crowning of the Teachers' team as the champions. The Teachers' outstanding performance and sharp shooting secured them a well-deserved victory, triumphing with a score of 32-24 over the formidable Sandals team. The Teachers' team displayed their prowess on the court, led by the remarkable Amayla Stewart, whose sharpshooting skills left spectators in awe. As the final whistle blew, and the Teachers were declared the winners on July 8th 2023, Gateway Co-Operative Credit Union was delighted to present them with the championship trophy. Nicole Haughton-Johnson, representing the credit union, beamed with pride as she handed over the trophy to the triumphant team. But the road to victory was not an easy one, and both teams fought fiercely for the title. Sandals demonstrated impressive skills and contributed significantly to the high-class final match. In recognition of their outstanding performance, Sandals received their well-earned runners-up trophy from the credit union's beaming representative, Nicole Haughton-Johnson. Gateway Co-Operative Credit Union takes immense pride in supporting events that promote sportsmanship, teamwork, and community engagement. The Western Business House Netball Competition is an excellent platform that brings together talented athletes and enthusiastic spectators, fostering a sense of camaraderie and healthy competition. In addition to sponsoring the netball competition, Gateway Co-Operative Credit Union has been actively involved in supporting various sports events in the region. The credit union recognizes the value of sports in promoting physical and mental well-being, leadership skills, and a strong sense of discipline among individuals of all ages. Gateway Co-Operative Credit Union is committed to empowering the local community and believes in investing in the future by supporting initiatives that contribute to the overall growth and development of individuals and society as a whole. By sponsoring events like the Western Business House Netball Competition, the credit union aims to encourage a culture of sportsmanship and inspire young athletes to pursue their dreams with dedication and passion. As we celebrate the victory of the Teachers' team in the 2023 edition of the Gateway Western Business House Netball Competition, Gateway Co-Operative Credit Union extends its warmest congratulations to all the participants, organizers, and supporters who made this event a grand success. Together, let us continue to nurture talent, celebrate achievements, and build a stronger and more vibrant community through the power of sports. About Gateway Co-Operative Credit Union: Gateway Co-Operative Credit Union is a community-oriented financial institution that has been serving the people of Montego Bay and surrounding areas for [number of years] years. With a commitment to providing reliable financial solutions and actively supporting community development, Gateway Co-Operative Credit Union is dedicated to making a positive impact on the lives of its members and the wider community. For more information about Gateway Co-Operative Credit Union and its initiatives, please visit our website at

  • Welcome To Gateway’s 6th Annual General Meeting 2023

    We’re excited to invite you to our 6th staging of our AGM for Gateway Co-operative Credit Union, to be held on Thursday, July 6th. You can click on the image below to download a copy of this year’s annual report (size - 14 MB)

  • Tertiary and P.E.P Scholarships are now OPEN at Gateway: Apply Now!

    Applications for multiple Gateway Scholarships are now officially open. Please refer to the attached flyer for more details (printed posters will be available next week for in-office signage). We would like to inform all interested individuals that both the Herman Johnson and the Bayley Haye Scholarships have no specific restrictions on the course of study. It is crucial to note the following application deadlines: PEP Scholarship: The deadline for submitting applications for the PEP Scholarship is July 28. If you or someone you know is a PEP student, be sure to apply before this date to be considered for this opportunity. University Scholarships: For those aspiring to receive a scholarship for university studies, the deadline is August 31. Make sure to complete and submit your application by this date to be eligible for the tertiary scholarships. Don't miss out on these fantastic scholarship opportunities. Take advantage of the open applications and submit yours before the respective deadlines. Good luck to all applicants! Application forms can be found here: Scholarship Application Forms

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  • All Loans Products | Gateway Co-Operative Credit Union Jamaica

    Home › Loans › Button Loans Our Loan Products Our business loans are ideal for small businesses seeking capital to expand. Let us help you get back on your feet Commercial Motor Vehicle Loan (TTT) The Commercial Motor Vehicle loan offers members the opportunity to receive up to 90% financing on new motor vehicles and up to 80% financing on trucks, tractors and trailers View Loan Small Business Loan The Small Business Loan provides funds to Micro and Small enterprises for any business-related purpose. View Loan Commercial Mortgage The Commercial Mortgage Loan provides up to 90% financing on commercial properties. View Loan Internal Cash Secured The Internal Cash Secured Loan provides funds using your internal savings/investment account. It has same-day loan processing and approval. View Loan Within Shares The Within Shares Loan provides funds using your shares in Gateway. Up to 95% financing is provided along with same-day loan processing and approval. View Loan Investsecure Loan (External) The InvestSecure Loan provides funds using your external savings/investment account. It has same-day loan processing and approval. View Loan Education Loan (Unsecured) The unsecured education loan offers up to $1,500,000 for both part and full time study with 17.5% interest and up to 5 years to repay View Loan Student Loan (Secured) The Student Loan offers a maximum of $6,000,000 to full-time students with up to 12 years to repay. Interest rates vary between 8% and 17%, based on collateral. View Loan Easi Access Loan The Easi Access Loan allows members to borrow a pre-approved loan of $50,000 to $800,000 and does not require collateral. View Loan Easi Access Plus Loan The Secured Easi Access Plus Loan allows members to borrow a pre-approved loan of $50,000 or more based on collateral) secured with collateral. View Loan Motor Vehicle Loan The Motor Vehicle Loan provides up to 95% financing on personal vehicles with up to 9 years to repay View Loan Mortgage The Mortgage Loan provides up to 95% financing on residential properties. View Loan Smart Debt Consolidation The Smart Debt Loan merges your debt allowing you to make a lower monthly payment than your combined debt payments and improves credit rating. View Loan Gateway Christmas Loan The Christmas Loan provides funds for any Christmas-related activities between October to December. View Loan What Our Members Say MR. OLIVIA SEWELL GATEWAY MEMBER & FIREFIGHTER "I have been a member of Gateway for the past 11 years and must say so far with their low interest rates, professional customer service and the speed of how they do business, I am on the path to achieving some of my long term financial goals. They helped me realize my dream of becoming a home owner. Gateway is for the people and I would recommend it to anyone looking for an amazing mortgage plan." Have questions about our loans? We understand that choosing who to take out a loan is a decision that requires as much information as you can get. ​ Our customer service teams are ready and waiting to help you answer any questions you may still have. You can also view our Frequently Asked Questions page to find helpful answers. Contact Us

  • Home | Gateway Co-Operative Credit Union Jamaica | #1 in Montego Bay

    APPLY NOW Here's What's Happening All Articles Welcome To Gateway’s 6th Annual General Meeting 2023 Celebrating Academic Excellence: Lucea Infant School's Prize-Giving Ceremony Donating a Vital Signs Machine to the Falmouth Hospital Disclaimer: The AccessPlus® Debit Mastercard is being tested in the Bank of Jamaica's Fintech Regulatory Sandbox. Shop Online Tap and pay Shop here and abroad Accepted at all multilink ATMs Stop by our branch to get your new AccessPlus® Debit MasterCard at no cost to you ! How Can We Serve You Today? START Loan Calculators START Forms & Download s START Frequently Asked Question s START Nearest Branche s Loans Insurance FOR OUR MEMBERS Manage forms, see new specials and events and get access to personalized content when you become a Gateway Member. Find Nearest Branch Savings Business Loans Want to become a Gateway Member ? We know choosing a financial institution is a long-term commitment. At Gateway, our members enjoy many advantages including: ​ Free Life Saving Insurance up to $150,000 Free Loan Protection Insurance up to $1,500,000 Free Decreasing Term Life Insurance up to $4m Sharing in the surplus of your Credit Union Flexible loan repayment terms Enjoying low rates of interest on loans and excellent returns on savings. No stipulated waiting period to apply for a loan Start Applying Now Create An Account We continue to strive towards making the greatest possible impact in the region of Western Jamaica. Our Values Our Mission Our Vision OUR VALUES " We are open, honest and accountable to all our stakeholders. " ​ Learn More

  • News | Gateway Credit Union

    Home › Resources › News › Button News Articles Gateway Credit Union Jul 28 2 min TEACHING CHAMPS: Gateway Co-Operative Credit Union Celebrates Winning Teachers Team Gateway Co-Operative Credit Union sponsors winning netball comp, Teachers' team triumphs with sharpshooting skills. Community empowerment! 0 comments Gateway Credit Union Apr 26 1 min 4th Quarter Newsletter Stay updated on Gateway Cooperative Credit Union's growth with their final 2022 quarterly newsletter. 0 comments Gateway Credit Union Feb 13, 2022 1 min What does a Credit Bureau Know About You? Before getting a loan, it is useful to know your credit history. What is your credit history? Your credit history is a list of your... 0 comments Gateway Credit Union Aug 6, 2021 1 min Join the Special General Meeting! All Members Invited! Notice of a Special General Meeting Notice is hereby given that the Special General Meeting of Gateway Co-operative Credit Union (2017)... 0 comments Gateway Credit Union Nov 9, 2020 2 min Gateway Annual General Meeting 2020 That the 3rd Annual General Meeting of Gateway Co-operative Credit Union will be held on Weds. Nov 25 @ 4:30pm at Hollis Peter Lynch Hall. 0 comments

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Family Critical Illness Plan

The Family Critical Illness Plan is hinged on providing timely support to individuals and their loved ones. The Family Critical Illness Plan provides up to $3,000,000 in critical illness coverage for Heart Attack, Stroke, Major Burns, Cancer, Paralysis and Coma.

This plan covers the Certificate holder and five other eligible family members.

Critical Illness Rider

You would be able to sign up for the Critical Illness Rider once you have enrolled in a Family Indemnity Plan and have not reached the age of 60. You would also have to have the family indemnity plan.

Family Indemnity Plan

This is an insurance plan that focuses on helping your loved ones cope, by making it easier to access funds for your loved ones’ final arrangements.

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