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  • Join the Gateway team! Job Opening for an Application Specialist!

    Join the Gateway team! We have a job opening for an Application Specialist in the IT Department JOB SPECIFICATION Position overview: Under the direction of the IT Manager, the Application Specialist is responsible for the testing, training and implementation of all applications the credit union may invest in. Core Functions: The incumbent is responsible for: 1. Understanding all applications systems; conducting analysis and documenting user requirements specification for application. 2. Testing and troubleshooting all programs used by the Credit Union. 3. Consulting with users to gain an understanding of needed changes or modifications of existing programs. Resolves issues of program intent, data input, output requirements, and inclusion of internal checks and controls. 4. Assisting in the preparation, facilitation, and delivery of appropriate training in the use of application systems. 5. Producing user guides/help documentation. 7. Provide end-user support of core banking applications and other applications used by the credit union. 8. Prepare reports for the various departments using SQL (MS Access) MINIMUM REQUIREMENTS (a) Qualifications and Experience • Associate Degree in Management Information Systems; And Microsoft Certified Professional And Introduction to cybersecurity And\Or At least five (5) years experience working with enterprise applications (b) Required Skills and Specialised Techniques Experience working with relational databases to include MSQL & MySQL; Experience with using Systems Documentation Tools; Assists in system analysis and requirements specification documentation; Good analytical, troubleshooting, and problem-solving ability; Ability to effectively communicate verbally and written; Experience working with Credit Union banking platforms Experience in identifying security threats using establish tools and methods JOB DESCRIPTION Special Conditions Associated With The Job: Required to work beyond normal working hours. REPORTING RELATIONSHIPS Reports to: IT Manager Nature of Supervision Received: Direct Supervision Given To: (a) Directly - N/A (b) Indirectly - N/A Liaises With: Internally: All staff Externally: Web-host Provider Software and Hardware Suppliers/Providers RESPONSIBILITIES AND DUTIES APPLICATION SPECIALIST 1. Conducts analysis and documenting user requirement specification for application software. 2. Consult with users to gain an understanding of needed changes or modifications of existing programs. Resolves issues of program intent, data input, output requirements, and inclusion of internal checks and controls. 3. Liaise with software providers to ensure change requests are communicated in a timely manner, and that same is corrected accordingly or an alternative is received. 4. Assists in the preparation, facilitation, and delivery of appropriate training in the use of application systems. 5. Produces user guides/help documentation for applications developed. 6. Collaborate with various Managers and other IT personnel to improve existing processes, increase automation and meet strategic goals. 7. Support daily operations and monitoring of multiple databases, user accounts, file permissions, and other systems according to standard operating procedures. 8. Adheres to IT policies and operational procedures. 9. Assists in the review and make recommendations for changes to IT policies and operations. 10. Identify and recommends capacity development opportunities for professional growth; 11. Prepares and submits performance and other reports as required. 12. Support and maintenance of the core banking applications 13. Perform core banking system configuration, parameterization, version upgrades, and maintenance 14. Assist with ongoing I.T. projects 15. Provide support for the testing of new and existing software applications 16. Troubleshooting a complex transactional application system based on MS SQL 17. Investigate problems and other requests regarding the core banking platform and recommend appropriate actions to be taken. 18. Design, implement and maintain functional reports in MS Access (Relativity), Reporting Services 19. Monitor’s production system notifications and act accordingly to resolve urgent problems Apply Now! Want to join our team? Click here to apply now!

  • [Closed] Join Gateway's Jingle Competition and WIN $50,000!

    Thank you to our entrants! Follow us on Social Media to find out about the finalists, and look out for the announcement of the winner. Name of Competition Gateway Jingle Competition Duration of Competition April 1st - May 15th, 2021(6 weeks). The deadline for entry is May 7th, 2021, by 5 pm. Rules 1. Contestants must be following Gateway Credit union both on Facebook or Instagram 2. The top 5 contestants with the most likes and shares on Facebook or Instagram will be selected for a final assessment. 3. A Gateway Credit Union representative will then select the winner from the top 5 based on content, creativity, and flow. 4. The winner will receive a sum of $50,000 5. Tag Gateway Credit Union @gatewayjm in your posts both on Facebook or Instagram with the hashtag #gatewayjingle 6. Tag 10 of your Instagram and Facebook friends. 7. Video/jingle should be no more than 60 seconds 8. Jingle should include the name of the Credit Union (Gateway), products and services offered and their benefits, and the Gateway Credit Union tagline. 9. Jingle SHOULD NOT contain any expletives 10. Deadline for submission is Friday, May 7th, 2021, by 5 pm 11. The winner will be announced on Thursday, May 15th, 2021 12. Contestants may visit the website for details on product and service offerings and competition rules 13. The winning jingle will be used throughout Gateway’s marketing and sales campaigns perpetually or as deemed necessary. 14. All proprietary rights of the jingle are reserved to Gateway Credit Union 15. Prize money is non-transferrable 16. Cheque or online transfers can ONLY be made payable in the name of the winner Winner receives $50,000! Tag us with #gatewayjingle

  • [Closed] Save and Win! Join Gateway's Savvy Saver Competition!

    Terms and Conditions a) Must be a Gateway Credit Union Member b) Must start a Golden Harvest savings plan with a minimum of $3,000 for a minimum period of 2 years. Deposits of the same amount each month will be continued thereafter for the duration of the saving plan. c) The winner will not be allowed to withdraw or close the Golden Harvest Savings plan prematurely. d) Participants may choose to close their Gateway Credit Union account at any time throughout the competition period. e) Should an entry be selected from which a Gateway Credit Union account is closed or a Golden harvest Saving plan is withdrawn prematurely, then that entry becomes ineligible for winning. f) Members will complete the entry form with their names and telephone numbers and place it in the boxes provided at each location (20 Church Street, Montego Bay; 14 Marketplace, Fairview, Montego Bay; Main Street, Lucea; 2-4 Duke Street, Falmouth) g) Deadline for submission is Monday, May 31, 2021, by 3 pm h) The winner will be announced on Thursday, June 3, 2021 i) Winner will receive a MasterTech 15 KG front loader washer dryer combo including installation. Model # MTC151AW25E. j) Staff members are excluded from participating in this competition k) The winner of the competition will be required to sign an agreement to use their name and photo on Gateway Credit Union’s Facebook and Instagram page. Failure to do so automatically disqualifies that member from receiving the prize. A backup winner will then be selected. Only one(1) backup winner will be selected. l) Authorized under Section 58 (3) of the Betting Gaming and Lotteries Commission Act DATE OF SELECTION Thursday, June 3, 2021, at 3 pm at the Gateway Credit Union, Montego Bay Branch. CLAIMING PERIOD a) June 4-18, 2021 b) Winner must present a government-issued ID upon collection of prizes. Acceptable forms of ID including passport, driver's license, national identification. Save and Win a Washer and Dryer Combo!

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Family Critical Illness Plan

The Family Critical Illness Plan is hinged on providing timely support to individuals and their loved ones. The Family Critical Illness Plan provides up to $3,000,000 in critical illness coverage for Heart Attack, Stroke, Major Burns, Cancer, Paralysis and Coma.

This plan covers the Certificate holder and five other eligible family members.

Critical Illness Rider

You would be able to sign up for the Critical Illness Rider once you have enrolled in a Family Indemnity Plan and have not reached the age of 60. You would also have to have the family indemnity plan.

Family Indemnity Plan

This is an insurance plan that focuses on helping your loved ones cope, by making it easier to access funds for your loved ones’ final arrangements.