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    • New Loan Special: Gateway Life Line Loan

      We have listened to our members' stories of getting through these difficult times and to help, we have designed a new loan custom made for you: the GATEWAY LIFE LINE LOAN We have launched the Gateway Life Line Loan as a special loan, designed to offer our members a loan facility designed to offer our members a loan facility to offset expenses during this pandemic, with fast approval. We'll work with you to design the best plan for your situation. Choose between an unsecured or secured loan option. No proof of address required for loans under $300,000.00 Take advantage of this today. It will only be available for a limited time. Who This Loan Is For Existing Gateway members who have at least 5% of the requested loan amount in their accounts. Existing Gateway members who can repay loan via salary deduction. What do you need to apply? Minimum 5% of loan amount required in the member's Shares account. Must be an existing Gateway Co-operative Credit Union member. No Proof of purpose required for loans requested under $300,000; Note Our loans will be offered at a competitive interest rate, negotiable on a case-by-case basis. These loans may be added to an existing loan facility. Conditions apply Contact Us To Get Started #gatewaycares #covid19 #loanspecials #loans

    • Gateway records phenomenal growth in 2017

      Originally posted on Jamaica Observer- see original article Jamaica Co-operative Credit Union League is the umbrella organisation of credit unions in Jamaica. “For loans, at the start of January 2017, we had $3.82 billion. But by the end of the year we had grown to $4.12 billion in loans. Whilst the movement grew by 12 .6 per cent in terms of loan, Gateway showed 25.6 per cent, twice the average of the movement – and for that we would like to thank you (members),” Johnson said. Speaking at the 2018 annual general meeting of the Gateway Co-operative Credit Union Ltd, held last week at the Seventh-day Conference Centre in Mount Salem, St James, Johnson emphasised Gateway's savings for 2017, which also surpassed that of the national movement. “At the start of January 2017 we had $4.88 billion in savings and by the end of December 2017 we had $5.4 billion. This is a 13 per cent growth and when you compare it to what happens in the movement,; they are growing by 9.8 per cent,” Johnson stated. He added: “In total assets we had moved from $6.1 billion to $7 billion. Now, while the movement grew by 8.8 per cent, Gateway grew by all of 16 per cent. So what I want you to know is Gateway, your credit union is solid like a rock.” He noted that through the hard work of the management staff, Gateway, which has branches in Montego Bay, St James, and Lucea, Hanover, “was able to put out a healthy surplus of $133 million” at the end of 2017. Meanwhile, the president announced that members of Gateway will benefit from plans by the Jamaica Co-operative Credit Union League to undertake a connectivity project which will allow members to access service at any credit union institution across the island. “As a part of a movement, because you know there are about 27 other credit unions in the movement there is a connectivity project which is being put in place. That means, let's say you are in Kingston and you need funds, you don't have to bother your head as to what you are going to do, you can go to any credit union branch and do your business just as you are doing it at Gateway,” Johnson said. He also told the Gateway members of plans to set up an e-banking hall. “We want your journey with us, as members, to be easy so we want in the future to set up an e-banking hall – that is, you can come in, and in air-conditioned comfort and lovely surroundings you can do your business. We also want to make sure that when you come to our branches the speed of doing business will be second to none. That is where the membership is going,” he said. During the meeting, members of the executive were returned en bloc. Horace Hines

    • Prime Minister Says Credit Union is Now a Formidable Force

      Originally posted on Jamaica Information Service- see article here Prime Minister, the Most Hon. Andrew Holness, says the credit union movement has become such a formidable force that it is now ranked as the largest membership organisation in the country. Mr. Holness, who was speaking at the media launch of Gateway Co-operative Credit Union (2017) Limited at the Montego Bay Cultural Centre on June 7, added that with the movement comprising one million members, it also rivals the number of depositors and accounts in commercial banks. “With $73 billion in savings, $64 billion in loans and $95 billion in assets, it is clear that credit unions are a powerful institution in Jamaica and have been meeting a clear demand,” Mr. Holness noted. The Prime Minister said the guiding structure of credit unions enables these institutions to develop financial products that are tailored to their members. “They also play a significant role in supporting education, training, housing, micro and small enterprises, and generally supporting the economic development of Jamaica,” he said. Mr. Holness further noted that credit unions, at their core, are focused on communities and play a key role in fostering greater access to financial services. “Gateway Co-Operative Credit Union services will reflect the demands of its members, particularly those from St. James and Hanover. I also see where they have drawn from Trelawny and St. Elizabeth with members,” he said. Gateway Co-operative Credit Union Limited was formed through a merger of the Montego and Hanover Co-operative Credit Unions on January 3, 2017. As a single entity, Gateway is now the fourth largest credit union in Jamaica, boasting membership of approximately 70,000 and total assets of $6.1 billion. The Prime Minister pointed out that the Government is firmly committed to financial inclusion and that credit unions, with their great penetration, play a critical role in achieving this and also “driving our growth agenda”. “Jamaica’s connection to the co-operative credit union is rich. Before they were formalised, Jamaicans were already practising co-operative banking informally through the partner system. Jamaicans instinctively understand the value of using a collective mechanism to expand their finances. Credit unions are a reflection of this instinct… people helping people,” Mr. Holness said. The Prime Minister noted that the Credit Union Reform process, which started almost 16 years ago, included a decision in 2015 to have primary legislation to regulate the credit union sector, giving direct supervision of credit unions through the Bank of Jamaica. “I have been paying close attention. I don’t like to get too much into the regulatory issues, especially where there are statutory authorities to do this. However, anything that involves one million people and $95 billion in assets, the Prime Minister has to take account,” he said. Mr. Holness said he was determined that before any legislation was passed, it was incumbent that dialogue be had with the Credit Union League to discuss the intricacies surrounding regulations. “The legislation started before we became the Government, so I wanted to be clear on both the intention and the process and to be satisfied that, whatever we were doing, we were not about to make enemies of one million persons,” he added. The Prime Minister said the meetings and dialogue have been very respectful, and to the point where there is now a climate of trust between all parties. The Prime Minister said he was also mindful that for 70 years, when people were locked out of the formal banking system, it was the credit union that filled the gap in providing credit for the average Jamaican citizen. Mr. Holness said that from what he has seen, the new thrust will be that whatever regulations are passed, they will, in no way, disrupt the normal operations of the credit unions. Garwin Davis

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    • Contact Us | Gateway Credit Union

      Home › Contact Us › Button Contact Us Our Team Stands Ready For You ! We know how important good communication is. At Gateway, we make an effort to work with our members and future members, to break down what we do with clear words. ​ Feel free to visit our page for responses to common questions about our products, services and becoming a Gateway member. FAQs Have You Tried Our Live Chat ? Our team will help you find quick answers to commonly asked questions about our products and services, including our savings plans and insurance products. ​ Get the quick help you deserve, and come closer to your financial goals today with Gateway. Try It Out Today Call Us Now Montego Bay Branch (876) 952-1190-2 Lucea Branch (876) 956-3030; (876) 619-1718-9 Head Office (876) 952-1190-2 Fairview Branch (876) 952-1190-2 Email Us Your Own Questions Are you currently a Gateway Member? Yes No Hanover St. Elizabeth St. James Trelawny Westmoreland Other arrow&v Account Information How To Get Started General Questions Other arrow&v Send Us A Message Thanks for submitting! An email has been sent to the email address provided above. Our team will respond to you within 3 business days or less. Our Locations O FFICES

    • Home | Gateway Co-Operative Credit Union Jamaica | #1 in Montego Bay

      Get directions Faithfully serving over 60,000 customers in Western Jamaica How Can We Serve You Today? START Become A Membe r START Loan Calculators START Forms & Download s START Frequently Asked Question s START Nearest Branche s We continue to strive towards making the in the region of Western Jamaica. greatest possible impact Our Values Our Mission Our Vision Loans Insurance FOR OUR MEMBERS Manage forms, see new specials and events and get access to personalized content when you become a Gateway Member. Find Nearest Branch Savings Business Loans OUR VALUES We are open, honest and accountable to all our stakeholders. " " ​ Learn More Want to become a Gateway Member ? We know choosing a financial institution is a long-term commitment. At Gateway, our members enjoy many advantages including: ​ Free Life Saving Insurance up to $120,000 Free Loan Protection Insurance up to $1,500,000 Free Decreasing Term Life Insurance up to $4m Sharing in the surplus of your Credit Union Flexible loan repayment terms Enjoying low rates of interest on loans and excellent returns on savings. No stipulated waiting period to apply for a loan Start Applying Now Create An Account Here's What's Happening

    • Wire Transfer Information | Gateway Credit Union

      Wire Transfer Information In order to facilitate online payments to your accounts, Gateway Co-operative Credit Union facilitates wire transfers to allow you to transfer money directly from your bank to your Gateway Co-operative Credit Union accounts. This will especially be relevant if you are: Transferring savings to a Gateway Savings Account Making your loan payments online Sending money from abroad to a local account. The COVID-19 pandemic has changed the circumstances for many of our members, and we're aware that coming into branch is in some cases no longer a reasonable option. Until we have a more robust platform, we encourage you to use this facility to deposit money into your Gateway accounts. How To Send Recipient Information Account Name : Gateway Co-operative Credit Union Bank Name: National Commercial Bank Jamaica Ltd. Account Number: 432-302-962 Branch: St. James Street Branch Code: 0043 Swift Code: JNCBJMKX (for overseas customers) ​ Please note, when the sender is filling out the remittance form, where it says , Gateway Co-operative Credit Union is to be filled in. recipient Where it says recipient account number, 432-302-962 should be placed there. Download Information Additional Important Information / Message The following information must be inputted on the form where it states additional information or message: Member’s Name and Account Number at Gateway Co-operative Credit Union Type of account to which the deposit should be made. Confirm Transfer After completing the transaction, the sender should either fax the document received from the bank or financial institution to the accounts department at or email the accounts department at . 876-971-5443 Alternatively, you can upload the confirmation of your transfer using our digital form submission. Upload Transfer Confirmation Max File Size 25MB Processing Time Members are being advised that monies remitted will not be directly credited to their account at . Gateway Co-operative Credit Union In order for funds to be credited, Gateway Co-operative Credit Union be in possession of the remittance , and be able to identify the transaction in our account at National Commercial Bank, which usually takes about three to five working days. must receipt from the sender Contact Gateway If you have any questions, please feel free to reach out to us using out contact form. One of our representatives will respond to you request to help you with the process. Contact Us

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