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Join the team! Job Opening for an Applications and Data Specialist

We have a job opening for an Applications and Data Specialist in the Department of Information Technology(IT).


Position overview:

Under the direction of the IT Manager, the Applications & Data Specialist is responsible for the testing, training, and implementation of all applications the credit union may invest in. Additionally, the Specialist is responsible for ensuring compliance of the applications used by the Credit Union to the Data Protection Act.

Core Functions:

The incumbent is responsible for:

1. Understanding all applications systems; conducting analysis and documenting user

requirements specification for application.

2. Testing and troubleshooting programs utilizing the appropriate hardware, database, and

programming technology.

3. Consulting with users to gain understanding of needed changes or modifications of existing programs. Resolves issues of program intent, data input, output requirements, and inclusion of internal checks and controls.

4. Assisting in the preparation, facilitation, and delivery of appropriate training in the use of application systems.

5. Producing user guides/help documentation.

6. Maintain up-to-date back-up of all company data.

7. Provide end-user support of core banking applications.

8. Prepare reports for the various department using SQL(MS Access)

9. Streamline user access levels and ensure IT system compliance


(a) Qualifications and Experience

• Associate Degree in Management Information Systems or Network Security;


  • Certified Information System Auditor


  • Microsoft Certified Professional


  • At least five (5) years’ experience working with enterprise applications

(b) Required Skills and Specialised Techniques

  • Experience working with relational databases to include MSQL & MySQL;


Special Conditions Associated With The Job:

Required to work beyond normal working hours.


Reports to: IT Manager

Nature of Supervision received: Direct

Supervision Given To:

  1. Directly - N/A

  2. Indirectly - N/A

  3. Liaises With: Internally: All staff

Externally: Web-host Provider

Software & Hardware Suppliers/Providers



  1. Conducts analysis and documenting user requirement specification for application software.

  2. Consult with users to gain understanding of needed changes or modifications of existing programs. Resolves issues of program intent, data input, output requirements, and inclusion of internal checks and controls.

  3. Liaise with software providers to ensure change requests are communicated in a timely manner, and that same is corrected accordingly or an alternative is received.

  4. Assists in the preparation, facilitation, and delivery of appropriate training in the use of application systems.

  5. Produces user guides/help documentation for applications developed.

  6. Collaborate with various Managers and other IT personnel to improve existing processes, increase automation and meet strategic goals.

  7. Support daily operations and monitoring of multiple databases, user accounts, file permissions and other systems according to standard operating procedures.

  8. Adheres to IT policies and operational procedures.

  9. Assists in the review and make recommendations for changes to IT policies and operations.

  10. Identify and recommends capacity development opportunities for professional growth;

  11. Prepares and submits performance and other reports as required.

  12. Continued review of users access levels to ensure compliance

  13. Configure user “EMAIL” settings to meet the requirements of the data protection act in all applicable jurisdictions.

  14. Continuous monitoring of all ITC systems, to identify and fix vulnerabilities that may arise from upgrades or updates and also to conduct frequent audits to ensure compliance and address potential issues proactively.

  15. Support and maintenance of the core banking applications

  16. Perform core banking system configuration, parameterization, version upgrades, and maintenance

  17. Support the ongoing projects

  18. Provide support for the testing of new and existing software applications

  19. Participate in the process of integrating and releasing new application/software functionality, ensuring all service acceptance and operational deliverables have been successfully developed and agreed prior to handover, through the formal change management processes

  20. Troubleshooting a complex transactional application system based on MS SQL

  21. Investigate problems and other requests regarding core banking platform and determine appropriate actions to take

  22. Design, implement and maintain functional reports in MS Access (Relativity), Reporting Services

  23. Manage requests for IT application/system access, ensuring full compliance to agreed security policies and procedures

  24. Monitors production system notifications and act accordingly to resolve urgent problems


1) Educating the company and employees on important data compliance requirements.

2) Training staff involved in data processing.

3) Conducting system audits to ensure data compliance and address potential issues proactively.

4) Monitoring performance and providing advice on the impact of data protection efforts.

5) Monitoring, in an independent manner, Gateway’s compliance with the provisions of the Data Protection Act.

NB: This document does not attempt to capture ALL the requirements for this position and therefore you can be assigned other related duties in keeping with the overall objectives of the Credit Department.

To download a copy of the job specifications, description and details, please click below.

Application and Data Specialist
Download PDF • 231KB

Apply at https://www.gatewayja.com/careers/19c58df5-2c43-4f37-bd93-7cfa4444a5ca

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